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The Lyketyl story

The story about Lyketyl is the story about Megan, a Parisian girl used to the big city´s buzzle and adventures. After moving to Oslo and having two kids, Megan wanted to combine her social and active lifestyle with family life.

“I soon realized I spent my time juggling changing mats, playmats, blankets, napkins and everything else you need to keep both your kids and your surroundings clean”.

Then Megan´s quest to find the perfect mat begun: easy to carry, easy to clean, lush and comfortable and with a sophisticated design. After two years of research and prototypes, Lyketyl was born.

♥ ♥ ♥

Lyketyl is a cruelty-free, ethically manufactured and certified-clean brand


We knew that our Lyketyl mats were going to have a rough life, accompanying families on all their daily tasks and activities. We wanted the qualities of leather, but did not want to use animal leather as we fight for the well-being of animals.

Finally we found a very resistant and soft material, and above all 100% vegan and cruelty-free.


Finding the manufacturing company was a challenge. We wanted a supplier with full transparency and compliance with European standards.

Luckily, we found Pedro and his family factory in Portugal. Pedro carefully selects his suppliers to be sure to meet the expectations of his customers.


We have chosen an environmentally friendly “REACH Standard” certified material for all Lyketyl mats. The material is PU leather made of 20% recycled fibers.

What could be better than using recycled materials to create new products? Our ultimate goal is to offer materials made from completely natural products. 

Handmade with love