At Lyketyl, we have always believed that it was possible to offer beautiful and resistant products, made from an environmentally friendly material.

The material of our Lyketyl products is REACH standard compliant and complies with the European ISO standards.

After two intense years and thousands of hours of research on the Internet, hundreds of emails to several manufacturers, dozens of prototypes, we finally found our signature material: a mix of cotton, recycled leather fibers, polyester, and PU. Buttery soft to touch, and yet incredibly durable.

Why PU? To understand why we chose this material, we have to start from the beginning and the qualities we were looking for. We knew that our mats were going to have a tough life accompanying families on all their adventures, and above all, in their daily tasks and leisure activities. To handle this task, we needed to find the perfect material with the following features:

  • Wipeable

  • Waterproof

  • Stain and wear resistant

  • Weather and UV resistant

  • Shock-absorbing

  • Smooth and comfortable

  • Odourless

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • PVC-free

PU, mixed with recycled leather fibers, also called bonded leather, meets these criteria, allowing us to make a high-quality and sustainable product. Its qualities compensate for the rather high manufacturing cost.

The future? Our ultimate goal is to offer materials made from completely natural products. Unfortunately, current market techniques and prices do not allow us to do this. But we stay on alert, and we will keep you informed of course!

All Lyketyl mats are high-quality products made with love and care. The following components influence the price and make Lyketyl a premium product:


All our mats are handmade. Craft is a manufacturing process that requires more time, labor and space because of the traditional techniques used. All Lyketyl mats are high-quality products made with love and care. The following components influence the price and make Lyketyl a premium product:

Made in Europe

All our Lyketyl mats are made in Portugal, a European Union country where the labour force is higher than in Asian, African or Latin American countries. Although Portugal has lower prices than in the western part of the European Union, all work deserves a fair wage and salary.

Environmentally friendly material

PU has all the qualities we wanted in order to offer mats that are beautiful, smooth and functional. The only drawback of PU at the moment is its cost. Its use is not yet generalized and its manufacturing cost is therefore higher. Fortunately, it is increasingly used and will surely replace PVC in the longer run, as PVC is very polluting and harmful to the environment and to humans.



Clean your mat simply with a cloth soaked in soapy water, always in circular movements and gently. Then, wipe with a damp sponge or cloth well wrung out after each stain to remove the effect of the soap. In all cases;

- Never rub the mat too hard, and even less so when dry;

- Do not clean the mat with scouring powder or abrasive sponge;

- Do not use alcohol, window cleaners, or bleach on the mat;

- Do not spray any product directly on the carpet. Spray or pour a product on the cloth and then clean;

- Never machine wash your mat. 


- Dry the stain as soon as possible with a clean, dry cloth to prevent it from permanently discolouring the mat, then wash it immediately with a neutral soap solution, using a cloth in a circular fashion.

- Coffee, tea, and other drinks/products at very high temperatures (e.g. candles);
- Avoid products that stain easily or that could damage the material due to their composition (e.g. sunscreen, acrylic paint, ballpoint pen, permanent marker etc.).

If you plan to use your lyketyl for activities that may leave stains, choose our dark colours instead.